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Jon Barclay

Jon is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. Jon has held key roles at institutions such as JPMorgan, BT Financial Group (Westpac), and Wells Fargo Asset Management (formerly European Credit Management).

Jon’s expertise lies in funds management middle and back-office processes, with a deep understanding of unit registry, fund accounting, and custody functions. His passion for optimising these critical aspects of financial operations ensures unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness, contributing to the success and growth of your organisation.

Jon’s career highlights include leading significant projects such as the integration of Aladdin, AIM, and Charles River IMS with JPMorgan’s Australian Middle Office services. He has also spearheaded initiatives like the implementation of StatPro, Charles River IMS, and Markit EDM at Advance Asset Management. More recently Jon served as Program Manager for the separation of Pendal Group from BT/Westpac, as well as Westpac’s sale of Advance Asset Management to Mercer, overseeing the seamless migration of fund accounting, custody, and unit registry functions.

With a reputation for excellence and a proven track record of success, Jon continues to make valuable contributions to the Financial Services sector, driving innovation and efficiency in every endeavour.

Jon holds a Masters degree from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) and a Bachelor’s degree from King’s College (University of London).